Roof Repair

Roof Repair Tamworth

Here at Tamworth roofing we can and we will do small repairs for your homes roof such as replacing broken tiles or replacing the mortar for the roofs ridge line, and also replace bent roofing sheets most of these jobs are very quick and cost-efficient for maintaining your roofs functionality and stopping leaks into your roof cavity.

We all know a very small water leak can end up being a very large and costly repair job, normally when you notice water damage inside your home it is already too late for the repairs to be carried out to solve the problem, if you have any concerns about the condition or well-being of your roof due to yourself not being able to climb a ladder or it has been years since anybody has been up there to check it out we can give you a free inspection report and we can advise you on what action to take if there are any repairs necessary to keep your roof working efficiently and stopping water from leaking into your home.

 If you need a small job done we can supply all the materials, and because we take pride in our work we match the colours of the original roof to the repair so it does not look out of place for someone driving past who has seen your roof being repaired they will be left wondering if you even add roofing work done.

 So give us a call and one of our team members will be out as speedily as possible to give you a free quote, so give us a call on 02 5633 1001 for your free quote

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